Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happiness to me

The other day I said I would think about what makes me happy. Here are a few things I came up with.

Brian ~ Higgy ~ Pooka ~ Elizabeth ~ Domo ~ Strax ~ Going new places ~ Trying new things
Reading ~ Research ~ Writing ~ Crossing the finish line ~ Helping people ~ Surprising people 
Phillies baseball ~ Traveling ~ Listening to music ~ Snow ~ Photography ~ Stitch ~ Friends
Philadelphia ~ Baltimore ~ Biking ~ Roses ~ Daisies ~ Christmas trees ~ Green ~ Apples 
Purring ~ Zoos ~ Having a cat sit on my lap ~ Playing with cats ~ Finishing a craft project 
Baking ~ Beach ~ Ocean ~ Fire in a fireplace ~ Taking a great picture ~ Minions ~ Teddy
Eeyore ~ New nail polish ~ Cross stitch ~ Vacation ~ Jamaica ~ London ~ Pizza ~Air
hockey ~ Ski ball ~ Boardwalk ~ Fluffy ~ Smell of the dryer ~ Olympics ~ Pens ~ Rainbow

That's just the start of the list I want to make. What makes you happy? Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever written it down?


  1. Friends - YES! Snow? Not this winter - LOL!

    1. I like it when it first falls and it's glittery. After I have to do something, then it can go away. LOL!

  2. GREAT list! A good way to realize how many things make us happy. You should make a list what does not make you happy and I'm sure that list is much shorter, but for some reason we feel it is much more.

    1. No, that list is pretty large too. I've from time to time written that out. Usually it comes down to what I don't like about me. That's REALLY long. Working on it though.

      I like my "What makes me happy" list. I will do this with new things throughout the year. A good way to see all the happiness in my life. :)