Monday, February 24, 2014

Motivational Monday

LOL! How can Cookie Monster not make you smile? I read this and it just made me laugh and with that, it got saved because that's what this is all about. What makes me laugh? What makes me smile? What makes me happy? Sure, Cookie Monster is a Sesame Street character, but I can't help but smile when I see those furry creatures.

With today's motivational quote, I'm not advocating eating as a way of dealing with unpleasant situations/people/things, but I am advocating letting them go. This is something I need to work on for sure, but I think Cookie Monster is on the right track here. Live in the moment, enjoy what life is offering us, but when things aren't going well, when we are unhappy with how life is going we need to step back, look at it for what it truly is and make changes. Life does not get better if we keep going in the same direction that makes us unhappy. We need to determine what is making us unhappy, determine what we need to do to make us happy with the situation, then take action - whether that's changing jobs, changing friends, changing habits - but do what will in turn make us happy.

So what is unpleasant in your life? What are some steps you can take right now, today that will make it better? They don't have to be huge steps. They can be cookie size steps, but make one today! Let's take a step towards happiness!

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