Sunday, February 9, 2014


Hello friends! It's been a few days. Why? Because we have been dealing with what I've affectionately named Icemaggedon (feel free to use if needed). This past Tuesday into Wednesday a nice ole ice storm hit Central PA and we woke up to 1/4-1/2" of ice on everything. This of course on top of the 6+ inches of snow we received on Monday.

It wouldn't have been too bad if we hadn't lost power at 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Yup. Snow Monday, ice and power outages on Wednesday. It's been a rough week around here. I called out of work Wednesday because I couldn't go anywhere due to ice and we just tried to keep us and the cats warm.

In our area there were tens of thousands of people without power. Wednesday night we left the house in the hopes of finding warm food. We tried one way, but the road was closed. We turned around and went the long way and the road was closed. We believe both closures were due to fallen trees. The second road closure we were able to circumvent due to a parking lot and we managed to get ourselves to McDonald's. Once there, it felt like a refuge camp because everyone coming in were also out of power!

We decided to sleep at home Wednesday night, so back home we went. We had enough blankets to keep ourselves warm, but getting ready for work in the morning in the dark using a running headlamp is not easy. I went to work on Thursday and hubby headed to his parent's to leech borrow their power so he could work (he works from home, so no power kinda kills that). We both spent the day calling the house hoping the answering machine would pick up. No such luck...

We got home Thursday and to our delight, there were multiple power trucks on our street! Thinking that they wouldn't leave until power had been restored, we headed out to get more warm food. While at dinner, one call to the house resulted in an answering machine picking up! Yup, we cheered and high fived in the restaurant. LOL!

So, that was our lovely ice adventure this week - 40ish hours without power. Winter around here has been crazy! I have a feeling we're not done yet. Here's hoping it's not too bad because it's awfully hard to run on streets covered in ice. Trust me, I tried yesterday. Did not go well. LOL!

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