Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday's long run...sorta

For some reason I've been digging my Sunday run rather than my Saturday run this time around. Last week hubby and I went out on Sunday for our runs and I felt pretty good about it. This week, my hip killed me Thursday and Friday, so when I woke up pain-free Saturday, I decided to let rest it one more day.

Got up today to run. Hip hurt. Ugh. What the heck?? I didn't let it stop me. I did my stretches and added in some new ones. Nothing more that I can do but stretch and hope for the best.

I went out to the same area I ran last Sunday for 4 miles. As soon as I started running I had pain. Pain in the outside of my left calf/ankle. WTF??? I had one tiny little twinge in my hip, but it lasted seconds and then nothing. Instead, ankle/calf pain for 25 minutes.

I lasted 25 minutes (Garmin was dead [though I didn't know that until I got there. Ugh] so I used my Nano run app for time). Yes, 25 minutes out of 60. So disappointing. But, I decided to call it a day because I have never had pain in that area and it didn't go away. I'm still in the early going for The Love Run training and I don't want to make something worse.

Came home and iced the area. I'm hoping it helps and that I can try again tomorrow.

Higgy the cat helping ice my calf/ankle.
What do you do if something starts to hurt during a run? Do you gut it out or call it a day? Does how close to your goal race is make a difference in your approach?


  1. I've only had serious pain once (in my knee), so I stopped. Thankfully, it was from tight muscles, and affer some serious stretching for a few days, I was good to go. I think you're better off to stop than risking long-term injury. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks Jina! I appreciate your comment. Makes me feel not so bad for having stopped less than halfway through my run.