Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This past Sunday I hit the gym to work on my C25k program. My goal was to run the eight 30 second intervals at a 10 minute mile pace. I was pretty excited when I was able to do that. I finished off my workout with some lower body weights and planks.

I went back to my car for my camera as I wanted to take some pictures for a friend for his birthday. I grabbed the camera and started walking towards the river. As I did, I saw a post-it note on the new parking meters saying it was broken because a quarter was stuck. It made me laugh as they have only been in place a few weeks.

And then it happened. I turned to continue walking down the street when I went down. I walked to close to an unenclosed tree area.

This wasn't the one I tripped in, but this is what it looks like.
I went down hard, hearing some sort of odd noise from my left ankle. I also scraped by right knee, but it wasn't too bad - no blood. I got up and did my photos because I have a deadline and wasn't sure when I would get back.

Now it is two days later and my ankle still hurts. It's better than it was yesterday, but still painful. Not happy with this situation because for the first time in basically a year I'm excited to run. I'm excited I found a way {I think} to help me get faster. And while I missed one run last week {because the two treadmills I tried to use either turned off in the middle of my run or wouldn't turn on at all}, I got two of three done. I was all set this week to get those three runs in for week two of the program.

On the plus side, I was only going into week two. If I have to start over, then only one week to go back over isn't too bad. On the plus side, I was able to run eight intervals at a ten minute mile. I have never done this. Especially as my running times have been exceedingly slow this year. So, even with this {fingers crossed} minor set-back, I hope shortly to be running the C25k again and maybe even running 10 minute mile intervals for 45 seconds!

How have you handled an injury?

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