Monday, April 28, 2014

Motivational Monday

There is no better time of year to fully comprehend this statement from Ann Frank than spring (at least in the Mid-Atlantic). The grass is starting to grow, the leaves come back to the trees, the flowers come up, the sky is a gorgeous blue, and the world seems renewed. This is a tree I saw blooming on my way to work last week. Had to take a pic!

Beauty truly can make one happy. I know when I see a beautiful flower, a gorgeous piece of architecture, a well composed photograph I smile and feel good. Beauty is something we should always have in our matter what that beauty means to us - a hike in the woods, a sunset on the beach, a well tended garden, lightening bugs on a summer night, little children running through a name it!

Let's concentrate this week on the beauty around us, what we might miss because we are so busy in our lives. Beauty is all around us, if we only chose to see it.

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