Monday, November 3, 2014

Motivational Monday

It is. Trust me. I had a career in fundraising for nine years and honestly, hated it. I only got into it because I was four months out of college and had no luck with getting a job. I have a B.A. in Communications, focusing on public relations and that's what I wanted to get into. I had three interviews in the non-profit fundraising field in a week, all were for entry-level. One  of the interviewers asked me in because I interned at a place he loved to go (told me flat out I wasn't qualified for the job and wouldn't be offered it), one the position wasn't entry-level and I didn't have the experience for, the third I got the job.

After five years there, we moved 100 miles away. I got another job as a fundraiser in my new town, but it was awful. I then changed jobs to a third place, again doing fundraising. While at the third job, I started getting a M.A. in American Studies because I wanted to change careers. I wanted to do something in public history.

For the past three years I have been volunteering/working in the public history field, but not how I would like to be. Today, I have an interview for a temporary job at the place I currently work for in a position I want to do for a living. While I will be out of a job in about 12-14 months, I will have 12-14 months of experience in my field that I do not have now...if I get the job.

I'll be honest. I have no confidence I will get the job. There were 80+ people who sent in a resume and I am estimating they are interviewing at least 10 people for it. While I have worked with the interviewers for 3 years, I doubt they see me with the skills to do the job. But, if I didn't apply I would have regretted it. At least I am trying to move towards my goals, even if I don't accomplish it today.

So, go out there and do something you would regret not doing! No one says you're going to be successful, but if you live with no regrets you will have a happier life for it.

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