Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sat. update

Ah Saturday morning. The time when you can sleep in...if you aren't me. Argh. Got up a tad late to head over to WW to weigh-in, but still got there on time. It was funny. Back in Jan. there was always a line that wrapped around the "store" and it took almost 10 minutes before you got to the front. I went in yesterday and practically walked right up to the counter. Amazing what a couple of months will do. LOL!

Anyway. I was down 1.6. I really wanted 2 pounds, but it didn't happen. So, down now a total of 12.4. That's not too bad. I like being over the 10 pound mark. It makes it real. I can always loose a few pounds on my own, but hitting the 10 pound mark makes me feel like I've accomplished something. So, onward and upward. I'm think two more week weeks and I should hit 15 pounds. That would be lovely. If I work my tail off this week, I'm sure I could hit that goal, but eh. Though I have set a goal of writing everything I eat down again. I am pretty good at remembering it in my head, but this week I want to write it down. See how that affects the weight-loss.

After weigh-in, went to the park to run. It was colder than it's been the last couple of weeks and I had a hard time swallowing the muscus that the running caused. So, I only got in a mile. :-( I really wanted to improve upon my 2 mile time. So, disappointed, but I did improve my 1 mile time at Couselor Park by 3 seconds. So, that's at least something. There's always next week, right? I will run at Shelley Park Wednesday. Hoping to improve on that time too. I swear that Shelley Park is all uphill. LOL!

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