Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1 - 20 days

In 20 days, I will (hopefully) stand on the boardwalk in Atlantic City ready to tackle 13.1 miles. Right now, I'm not sure. I have been awful at training this time around. Heat. Injury. Lack of motivation. If it would keep me from training, I did it.

But, the first day of October means the day of reckoning quickly approaches. There are 20 days til the race. I have not run in over a week due to the shin splints. I haven't done to the gym because of them as well. I'm going out this afternoon to see if I can run. I have a training session with my trainer tonight. I'm praying my legs don't die.

So, 20 days to get ready for 13.1 miles. Do I have it in me to cross the finish line? I don't know...

Update (5:10 p.m. October 1, 2012): I went to Shelley Park near the house to run the trail. I got about a mile and a half in before my Achilles hurt. My shin splints seemed to hold up ok, but the Achilles was so tight. I stopped, came home, and am icing both shins and the ankle. Will try again later in the week. Hopefully this was a one-off. 

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  1. Feel better girl! I giv eyou props for trying to work through the pain.