Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I won!

Last month I talked about some great Twitter chats that are great in terms of motivation and learning about health and fitness. I personally love participating in both Healthy Way Mag (Monday) and RunChat (Sunday). I've met some great people and I have recently won some great prizes!

I won a package from Body Glove Surge that includes
Accel Gel Vanilla

Accel Recover Bars Chocolate Peanut Butter
Body Glove Shot Grape
Tangy Orange Endurox
See the size of product? Yea...that's what I got! I anticipated a sampling of product, something like you would receive in a race bag, but no. I received full sized everything! I'll be enjoying the Body Glove Shots myself as hubby doesn't like grape flavored items. Other than that, we are both looking forward to trying each and every one of them!

Then, Sunday night I participated in RunChat. I try to do so every Sunday night they chat because the questions are good and the people are fun. The sponsor for this past Sunday night's chat was RunSmart. What is RunSmart?

Who Are We?

We're different (our friends can attest). Being Buffalo-based Physical Therapists, we observe how individuals move in the presence of pain and dysfunction daily. RunSmart principles are rooted on a foundation of anatomy and movement. We don't provide run of the mill exercises, either. If you want the same old stuff just throw a line into the Google Search Sea. Our online run specific workouts are different: designed to train movements, not muscles. Our analysis focuses on your movement from head to toe, not merely your foot strike. Everything we teach and preach is run specific. Whether you're a novice, professional, running for the first time or the millionith, training for the mile or ultramarathon, our services empower you to run faster, smarter, and with less injury.

Our Mission

To provide you with services that are founded on the principles of anatomy and run specific movement, allowing you to run faster, stronger, and with less injury.

I was pretty excited about the chance to win one of the prizes. And I did! I won a free six month membership! I am so freaking excited by this! My PT ended yesterday and I still feel like I need some work on my strength and core. I have already found a great stand up hip stretch. All the stretches my PT gave me for my hip made me lie down. That's kinda hard when you are at work. This first stretch I found will already help me while at work! Woohoo! There's also a core routine I need to check out because I know my core needs work. This win could not have come at a better time. My six months goes through the end of April, which means I get use of these routines through my half training. I'm hoping to run The Love Run on March 30th.

Thank you to both Body Glove and RunSmart! I am so very excited for both prizes!!

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