Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Next Couple Months

I've made some goals for the next 10 weeks.  Why 10 weeks?  Well, I have 10 sessions with my personal trainer that go through the end of June.  My fencing class also goes through the end of June.  So, it seems like the end of June seems to be a great time frame to aim for and see what I can do.

The main goal?  Weight.  My goal is to lose 13 pounds.  That's it.  13 pounds.  I believe it's doable by the last day of June.  How I am going to do it?

Personal trainer sessions once a week


Cardio Kickboxing classes




Weight Watchers

Keep me accountable people.  Those last pounds have been hard to get off.  I've been struggling for two months to stay on plan and lose and failing.  I'm sooooo close to finally hitting that goal.  It's within reach.  There will be multiple updates.  I have waited a long time for this - 36 years to be exact.  I can do it.

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